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Leopard & Tie-Dye At The Ballpark Freshie

Leopard & Tie-Dye At The Ballpark Freshie

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All our freshies are handmade and fully customizable. Please select the desired color and scent above. If you do not make a selection, I will choose at random and at my discretion.

Please also utilize the Add-on Options to select any desired embellishments - such as glitter, fringe, decorative beads, etc. You may list any additional requests in the Special Request box.

Despite how the listing photos appear, your freshie will not include embellishments if the Add-on Option is not selected.


Aroma beads, mica or pigment powder, and fragrance oil.


Due to the handmade nature of each freshie, some details may vary from the listing photos, such as color, paint, embellishments, minor flaws, etc.

All colors are hand mixed and may differ; however, I will do my best to accommodate your request.

In addition, some colors may not be as vibrant or slightly yellow due to the color of the fragrance oil selected.

Care Instructions:

Freshies CAN melt if left in direct sunlight.

If you're going to park in direct sunlight for extended periods, lower your freshie to your turn signal or gear shift. 

  • Never leave your freshie between your windshield and sunshade.
  • Always hang freshies. Placing on surfaces (such as dashboards, upholstery, etc.) may cause staining or damage. 
  • Freshies are NOT edible. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN & PETS.
  • Texas Darling Boutique, LLC is not responsible for damages or replacements.
  • Freshies are custom and handmade; therefore, they may differ in appearance or have minor flaws.
  • With proper care, freshies can last between 3+ weeks.


Please note the beaded tassel car charms (as pictured) are sold separately. Please see our separate listing to order.

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